2021 F.N. Speller Award Lecture

Professor Jose Maria Bastidas will present on the corrosion mechanisms of steel and copper in engineering applications at the F.N. Speller Award Lecture on Wednesday, April 21 from 11-11:30 a.m. CST. Bastidas, who received the award for contributions to the practice of corrosion engineering, has spent more than 40 years studying many aspects of corrosion, electrochemical methods applied to corrosion assessment, and materials characterization.

Bastidas has researched the mechanisms of electrochemical corrosion by studying several technological applications in energy generation, transport systems, aerospace, automotive, and food industries. He is currently a professor at National Center for Metallurgical Research (CENIM) in Madrid, Spain, and has championed over 60 research projects in corrosion and written over 450 original articles.

During the F.N. Speller Award Lecture, attendees will be able to ask Bastidas questions about his research and connect with him after the session, and a recording of the lecture will be available on the virtual conference site until October 31, 2021.

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