2021 W.R. Whitney Award Lecture

The 2021 W.R. Whitney Award winner, Professor Robert G. Kelly, will present a lecture based on his research on Tuesday, April 20 from 11-11:30 a.m. CST. Kelly, who received the award for public contributions to the science of corrosion, has been conducting research on the corrosion of metals for the past 35 years. Kelly has previously been awarded NACE’s Fellow honor, A.B. Campbell Award, and H.H. Uhlig Award for his contributions to the field.

With research spanning topics such as the corrosion of metals and alloys, nonaqueous and mixed solvents, and the electrochemical and chemical conditions in localized corrosion sites in various alloy systems, Kelly is currently a professor at the University of Virginia’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering, where he’s taught since 1990. Kelly has also provided technical assistance to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Department of Energy concerning the Yucca Mountain Project, the U.S. Air Force Aging Aircraft Program, the NASA Safety and Engineering Center, and the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial design team.

During the W.R. Whitney Award Lecture, attendees will be able to ask Kelly questions about his research and connect with him after the session, and a recording of the lecture will be available on the virtual conference site until October 31, 2021.

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