Battle Against Corrosion in Latin America Forum

This forum, scheduled for Thursday, April 29, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., will highlight the influence of research institutes and universities on the battle against corrosion in Latin America. Presented by Oladis de Rincon, CEC-Universidad del Zulia–Venezuela; Leonardo Uller, Latin America Area director; Gustavo Romero, PENSPEN Mexico; and Marianella Ojeda, Promigas, Colombia, the forum will highlight the significant technical progress made and the new upcoming leaders who are influencing the current dynamic in this battle.  

As background, the study of corrosion and its prevention in Latin America had its initial epicenter at universities and research institutes. In countries such as in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela important developments were fostered in these institutions, which became the seeding grounds for both new technical development and for new career opportunities. The work was always done in collaboration with international partners and with the influence of NACE through various means.

Local NACE sections also emerged around those efforts, which allowed the work to spread within countries and across borders to other neighboring countries. From the overall effort, the result has been a new generation of local leaders in the field, graduate and postgraduate studies, abundant research, development of the corrosion industry, and continuous support toward battling corrosion and protecting society from the adverse impact of corrosion.

Note that the presentations in this forum will also be available in Spanish.

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