Conference Platform User Guide and Welcome

CORROSION 2021 Virtual Conference & Expo – Swapcard Platform

Welcome to the largest gathering of CORROSION professionals around the world! Do not forget to set up your Swapcard account and attendee profile for CORROSION 2021 to save yourself time and get the most out of CORROSION. 

The CORROSION platform makes it easy to access the event, create your schedule and connect with your peers in advance. All you have to do is activate your profile with the tap of the below button. We’ll keep all of your information and data secure.

For reference on setting up your CORROSION profile and navigating the platform, view our Attendee User Guide.  

Are you ready to join your CORROSION community virtually?

Recommended web browsers are Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is not recommended to use when in the platform. 

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