CORROSION 2021 Exhibitors Offer Numerous Opportunities on Virtual Platform

Nearly 100 companies in the corrosion control and protective coatings industries are participating in CORROSION 2021, AMPP’s first fully virtual annual conference and expo.

By accessing the exhibitors tab at the top of the conference home page in the virtual platform, a complete list of participating companies is shown in alphabetical order. The exhibitors can be searched by company type and industry served to enable quick access to specific areas of interest.

Clicking on a company’s virtual booth will bring up information in its products and services, the ability to book meetings with members of the booth team, messaging capabilities, and supporting documents related to their business. Depending on the type of booth, some have videos of product demonstrations and other enhancements.

When registrants identify company booths of interest, they can be easily bookmarked for ongoing reference during the conference. In addition, the conference will be available on demand through October 31, 2021 following its close on April 30, so registrants can continue to access the companies and communicate with them through this platform. Exhibiting companies may update their information in their booths in the coming months as well.

While at the exhibitor site, guests are encouraged to access the “Visit San Antonio” booth. While learning about this city—the location of the 2022 annual conference next March—there is also a drawing for a $100 gift card for a “San Antonio in a Box” giveaway. To enter, watch the video and bookmark the profile. The five winners will be announced during the Closing Ceremony on Friday, April 30, at 1:30 p.m. CST.

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