CORROSION 2021 Virtual Bookstore

For the CORROSION 2021 Virtual Conference and Expo, the Bookstore will also be virtual, with special member-pricing discounts – that’s 25% -- on select titles published by AMPP, NACE, and SSPC. Categories for the Bookstore include Best Sellers, Corrosion Basics, Coatings, Oil and Gas, Water/Wastewater, and Infrastructure.

Most exciting though are the new releases, including Never Again: Marine Environment and Never Again: Infrastructure. Both those brand-new titles published by AMPP consist of case studies that originally appeared in CoatingsPro magazine. In both multi-author e-books, coatings experts recall days in the field when they were faced with a problem, such as premature coating failures, determined a cause and developed a solution. Throughout the e-books, the subject matter experts (SMEs) share such insights as how one of the most often underestimated aspect of a project includes the amount of time required to adequately protect unpainted surfaces from damage during surface prep and coating applications. 

Another new release is AC Corrosion of Pipelines, by Y. Frank Cheng. In addition to the basic principles of AC interference induced by adjacent AC power lines and other sources, the book details the adverse effects of the interference on collocated pipelines, including corrosion and pitting corrosion, coating degradation, deviating of cathodic protection potentials and the ineffectiveness of cathodic protection systems.

There is also a separate category in the virtual Bookstore: more than 60 $15 clearance books (while supplies last). The special member pricing and $15 clearance books will be available from April 19-30 at the Bookstore (, and while you’re there, make sure to check out the AMPP branded items featuring a variety of clothing and other accessories.

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