Corrosive Chronicles Presentation to Focus on Self-Healing Coating Additives

As part of the CORROSION 2021 series of Corrosive Chronicles presentations, a talk on Tuesday, April 27 will focus on novel additives to create self-healing coatings. Titled “Shifting the Paradigm of Protective Materials Design Via Self-Healing Functionality,” the event will be held from 11 to 11:30 a.m. and presented by Dr. Gerald O. Wilson, Autonomic Materials, Inc.  

As background, Wilson will point out that In a 2016 report by NACE International, the global cost of corrosion was estimated to be about US$2.5 trillion, which amounts to about 3.4% of the global gross domestic product (GDP). Industries that maintain a disproportionate amount of their assets in extremely corrosive environments, such as oil and gas, infrastructure protection, and marine, bear a disproportionate amount of these costs. Add to these costs the environmental and individual safety consequences of material failure due to corrosion, and the case for investing in new technologies geared toward improving corrosion protection can hardly be overstated.  

In this talk, Wilson will report on novel additives that leverage the incorporation of microencapsulated healing agents into coating systems with a view toward lengthening their service lives and that of their underlying substrates, while minimizing the opportunity cost of downtime associated with maintenance. These self-healing additives have been evaluated in a broad range of coating systems selected to provide the asset owner/operator with a range of smarter coating solutions aimed at delivering improved readiness and cost savings across the value chains of the industries highlighted above.

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