EAPA Forum on Intelligent Corrosion Control

On Tuesday, April 20, the East Asia & Pacific Area (EAPA) held a live forum on intelligent corrosion control.

The two-hour event was moderated by Zhang Dawei, who also gave a presentation, and it focused on such topics as smart materials and technology for corrosion protection, sensors and devices for corrosion monitoring, and corrosion big data evaluation and prediction.

The presentations included: “Intelligent Corrosion Prediction via Machine Learning” presented by Zhang Dawei, Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection; “Intelligent Corrosion Control—Corrosion Big Data Evaluation and Prediction” presented by Rolf Gubner, Next Advanced Solutions; “Successful ICDA for Integrity Management of Non-Piggable Pipelines” presented by Carlos Palacios, CIMA-TQ; “Living Multifunctional Coating Materials Fabricated via Biomineralization” presented by Liu Tao, Shanghai Maritime University; and “Underwater Hull Inspections with Remote Operated Vehicles” presented by Shanwen Li, HEMPEL.

Great interest was shown from the audience, and all speakers answered the questions submitted through the chat feature after all the presentations were complete. The forum may be viewed on demand through October 31 of this year.

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