Expert Forum Encourages Participants to Activate the Leader Within

On Monday, April 26., John Todd of KTA-Tator, Inc. and Stephanie Biagiotti of Xcel Energy, Inc. led the forum, “Leadership: Activate the Leader Within.” Sponsored by BP, the forum gave participants advice and confidence to lead and influence diverse, high-performing teams.

First, Lynsay Bensman of DNV-GL spoke on the importance of knowing your authentic self, including strengths and weaknesses and the critical need for inviting ongoing feedback from managers, coworkers, and clients. Some leadership qualities she emphasized included staying calm under pressure, fixing problems, enabling trust and change, delivering results, and championing employees and their ideas. A common theme in Bensman’s presentation and throughout the forum was building and participating in strong professional and personal networks.

Next, Lillian Martinez of oSTEM Inc. covered the importance of diversity in the workplace. She said diversity can mean many things, and involves all of us, not just particular groups. Being diverse includes people with different thoughts, perspectives, world views, and experience, in addition to cultures and age. “Diversity is a salad bowl, not a melting pot,” Martinez said, meaning a diverse workplace culture needs to be maintained for highest success.

Kim Krieger of BPX Energy followed with a discussion on leadership attributes. She listed accountability, humility, authenticity, vulnerability, and empathy as key qualities for successful leaders. Regarding leadership actions, she said to set your vision, develop the greatness in others, listen generously, be resilient, and recognize results. In addition, she led a “reflection” exercise encouraging participants to look in the mirror and reflect on current and past leaders and their impact, as well as those they lead.

The forum was followed by a workshop, led by Cindy Hubert of APQC. She described the seven enduring truths of knowledge:

  1. Focus on what matters.
  2. Convey “what’s in it for me?”
  3. Don’t just collect—curate.
  4. Lean into the disruption.
  5. Work with the culture you have.
  6. Tell your stories over and over
  7. Be helpful

Hubert provided examples to further embellish on knowledge management and leadership. She emphasized her points through polls and worksheets for enhanced audience participation.

The virtual forum and workshop will be available on demand through October 31.

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