Forum Explores AC Mitigation Effects on Potential Surveys

On Thursday, April 22, Sasan Hosein of Pond & Company presented a forum on alternating current (AC) mitigation as it affects potential surveys.  

Hosein discussed how cathodic protection (CP) and external coating have been recognized as perhaps the most reliable and cost-effective means of controlling corrosion for pipelines. Each structure or piping system that is provided CP must be tested periodically to determine the effectiveness of the CP system. Pipe-to-soil (P/S) potential measurements are recorded to determine the potential of a pipeline with respect to a reference electrode. Additionally, potential measurements are recorded in corrosion evaluations as a qualitative method to identify corrosion activity.

Hosein explained that when properly interpreted and correlated with other measurements, P/S potentials can indicate the severity of both galvanic and electrolytic corrosion cells, as well as the level of CP in accordance with industry standard criteria. Finally, he discussed the various challenges associated with pipeline potential readings with AC mitigation collocated with an AC corridor, and that these challenges require alternative potential evaluation approaches for pipeline integrity evaluation. He covered important safety issues as well.

There was high interest from the audience, and Hosein thoroughly addressed the many questions submitted through the chat forum available throughout his presentation. The forum may be viewed on demand through October 31 of this year.

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