Insulation Treatments and CUI Forum

On Tuesday, April 20, Scott Sinclair, National Specification Manager, Industrial Insulation of Johns Manville held a live forum on insulation treatments and CUI.

The forum, titled “The Myths of Insulation Treatments & CUI: What Works & What Doesn’t,” covered one of the most common concerns about industrial insulation systems: the occurrence of corrosion under insulation (CUI). In his presentation, Sinclair discussed the global cost of corrosion, and CUI’s part in that cost; the conditions that must be met in order for CUI to occur; how to combat CUI; metal jacketing; metal types and alloys; polyfilm moisture barrier; hydrophobicity; and insulation chemistry; among other important topics.  

He shared that historically, insulation materials have been chastised for their inability to prevent or inhibit CUI. Many “original generation” insulations were blamed for not keeping water away from the pipe surface (or for holding it there), especially when considered in conjunction with their acidic nature and corrosive compounds that could leach out of the insulation if/when it became wet. Sinclair said this has driven the need for time consuming and costly inspection procedures. Over the years, many advancements have been made in insulation materials that significantly reduce the risk of CUI. Unfortunately, according to the speaker, some of these advancements do not deliver the benefits they are promoted to provide, leaving specifiers in a precarious position of not knowing the best solutions for their insulation requirements.  

Great interest was shown from the audience, and Sinclair answered the questions submitted through the chat forum after the presentation was complete. The forum may be viewed on demand through October 31 of this year.

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