Leadership: Activate the Leader Within Forum

What will it take for you to become the leader you want to be? Training obviously comes to mind, but training is often an academic event that teaches ideas, approaches, and tools. Leadership, however, is a complex skill that is developed over time and should be approached like building a habit; a few training sessions will not lead to lasting results.

On Monday, April 26, from 8 to 11:30 a.m., John Todd of KTA-Tator, Inc. and Stephanie Biagiotti of Xcel Energy, Inc. will lead the forum by providing guidance to help you activate the inclusive leader already within. Sponsored by BP, the forum will give you the confidence to lead and influence diverse, high-performing teams.

Companies are increasingly relying on multidisciplinary teams and studies show improved performance of teams that rely on the collective capabilities of men and women with a diverse mix of ages and cultures. But a mix of diverse people does not guarantee high performance. The presenters will explain that Inclusive leadership is needed to bring everyone together and effectively implement the strategy. Finally, they will reiterate how leaders must commit to ongoing efforts for development of their leadership abilities to achieve overall success in their organizations.

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