Leveraging Water Repellency Technology to Mitigate CUI Challenges

Mitigating corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a critical challenge facing the industry. It is important to choose an insulation material that helps prevent water from taking hold of the system, as wet insulation reduces performance and causes corrosion of unprotected metals. While stone (mineral) wood insulation is frequently used, the variation of water repellency properties within this product family are not well understood.

Insight into this topic will be provided by Ricky Seto of ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation in a virtual presentation entitled “Leveraging Water Repellency Technology to Mitigate Corrosion Under Insulation Challenges.” The forum was held on Wednesday, April 21 from 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. CT.

A distinguished recipient of the MP 2019 Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award, ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation’s ProRox with WR-Tech (Water Repellency Technology) incorporates a revolutionary, coating-friendly, and water-repellent binder technology. This technology coats each individual fiber of ROCKWOOL’s stone wool pipe insulation during the production process in order to help reduce and mitigate the harmful effects of CUI. As the world’s largest manufacturer of stone wool insulation, ROCKWOOL looks to educate the industry about the water repellency of insulation, as well as innovate and continuously improve the performance of insulation materials.

Seto’s presentation provided the audience with information about the water repellency properties of mineral wool products with different types of hydrophobic treatment, as well as their effects on corrosion. His specifically highlighted ROCKWOOL’s innovative WR-Tech material, which offers superior water repellency and moisture dissipation performance.

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