NACE Award Winners Honored During CORROSION 2021

Each year NACE International recognizes individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to the corrosion industry through the association’s Award Program. It is with honor, respect, and gratitude that NACE recognizes the achievements and contributions of its members. On Wednesday, April 21 and in a repeat performance on Wednesday, April 28, the following individual members and organizations were honored virtually for outstanding service.

2021 R.A. Brannon Award

David Schramm

2021 CORROSION Best Paper Award  

Suraj Y. Persaud, Jared M. Smith, and Roger C. Newman

2021 T.J. Hull Award  

Wayne W. Frenier

2021 F.N. Speller Award  

Jose Maria Bastidas

2021 H.H. Uhlig Award  

James T. Burns

2021 W.R. Whitney Award  

Robert G. Kelly

2021 John H. Fitzgerald III Award

Monica Maher and Geoffrey Swain

2021 Distinguished Service Awards  

Kalliopi K. Aligizaki, Mohsen Achour, Zahid Amjad, Stephen F. Biagiotti Jr., Phil Dent, Ameeq Farooq, Joseph Saxton, Manish Kumar Sogani, and Ardjan Kopliku

2021 Technical Achievement Awards  

Brian Dale Chambers, Y. Frank Cheng, Khiefa Esaklul, Mohammad Sadegh Parvizi, Yousef Khuraibut, and Qiwei Wang

Distinguished Organization Awards

Nanto Cleantech, Inc., Microbial Analysis, and the Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology, Ohio University

2021 NACE Fellows  

Anil Bhardwaj, Brian J. Connolly, James A. Ellor, Khiefa A. Esaklul, Krista L. Heidersback, Gary E. Jenneman, David H. Kroon, Malgorzata Ziomek-Moroz, Nihal U. Obeysekere, Lucrezia Scoppio, Hiroyuki Tanabe, Elizabeth Trillo, and Hejian Sun

2021 Oliver Moghissi Award

Gerhardus (Gerry) Koch

2021 NACE Foundation Founders Award  

Jeffrey Didas and Silva Hall (Hall passed away in 2021)

These awards positively impact the industry, and they are very important to the corrosion control community. They help inspire all of us to stay at the cutting edge of corrosion science and technology, and to remain involved with this fine organization (now AMPP). For more information on the 2021 award winners, please visit

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