New Technologies Featured at Corrosive Chronicles

The CORROSION 2021 Virtual Conference & Expo included a handful of interactive presentations at the Corrosive Chronicles theatre. Many of these sessions showcased winning technologies from the 2019 MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards program. Highlights of sessions from the two-week event included:

Hexcorder Pro Digital Combined CIPS/DCVG Pipeline Integrity Surveys: Moderated by Pat Yaremko of Cathodic Technology Ltd., this session focuses on the features and benefits of a new way of performing pipeline integrity surveys.

Corrosion Control and Ecosystems Enhancement for Offshore Monopiles: Presented by Monica M. Maher of the Florida Institute of Technology's Center for Corrosion and Biofouling Control, this presentation showcases new research on how a cathodically protected perforated monopile structure can create an environment with more favorable conditions for corrosion mitigation and water chemistry, relative to a sealed structure.

Certification: The Why and How: Introduced by AMPP's Ben Babcock and Michelle Simpson of the NACE International Institute, this forum provides information regarding AMPP credentialing, the certification development process, and how you can get involved.

Leveraging Water Repellency Technology to Mitigate Corrosion Under Insulation Challenges: Ricky Seto of ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation informs attendees regarding the water repellency properties of mineral wool products with different types of hydrophobic treatment, as well as the effects on corrosion.

Advancing Cathodic Protection Testing Through Integration and Automation: Taku Engineering's Charlie Petrie explains how his company's product development team has utilized state-of-the-art technology to develop a GPS synchronized cathodic protection (CP) current interrupter that can fit in a user's pocket.

Shifting the Paradigm of Protective Materials Design via Self-Healing Functionality: Gerald Wilson, CEO of Autonomic Materials, Inc., reports on novel additives that leverage the incorporation of microencapsulated healing agents into coating systems with a view toward lengthening their service lives and that of their underlying substrates — all while minimizing the opportunity cost of downtime associated with maintenance.

Adjustable Atmospheric Corrosion Test Rack: Raghu Srinivasan, assistant professor the the University of Alaska Anchorage, explains how modular and adjustable atmospheric corrosion tests were designed and installed on the roof of a University of Alaska parking garage. This rack helps to identify weather parameters by isolating the corrosion-inducing variables and their primary effect on corrosion in extremely cold climates.

Does Your Daily Inspection Report Tell the Story?: Sean Browning (Pond & Co.) explores all sections of the coatings inspection report, including project information, equipment, materials, containment, surface, application, inspections, corrective actions, non-conformances, and sign-offs.

Benefits of Coatings Contractor Accreditation for Owners and Contractors: Moderated by AMPP’s Jim Kunkle, this roundtable discussion features Sam Scaturro (Alpine Painting), Kenny Jaros (New Jersey American Water), and Nick Lamm (B&N Inspection) offering asset owner and contractor perspectives regarding the benefits of certification and accreditation.

Each of these Corrosive Chronicles presentations is available for on-demand viewing at any time through the CORROSION 2021 platform. Additional information on each session are available through the virtual platform.

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