Prediction and Mitigation of Top of Line Corrosion Risk Due to Damages in External

Mark Singer is an associate professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Ohio University who is a subject matter expert on the topic of corrosion under dewing conditions, or Top of the Line Corrosion (TLC). In a virtual presentation entitled “Prediction And Mitigation Of Top Of Line Corrosion Risk Due To Damages In External Pipeline Coating,” Singer will use his paper (co-written with Nicholas Bardsley) to detail the methodology adopted to evaluate the effect of external coating damages on the extent of TLC on the flowlines.  

The “Prediction and Mitigation Of Top Of Line Corrosion Risk Due To Damages In External Pipeline Coating” virtual presentation will be held on Friday, April 23 at 10:30 a.m. CST.

The presentation will focus on a field development used to transport gas via two, 20-inch diameter production flow lines that transport wet gas containing about 1.5 to 2 mol% CO2. A visual inspection of the pipeline system, which is largely carbon steel with only short lengths made of CRA piping, revealed that some of the pipeline insulation and coating had been damaged and became partially or fully detached. These damages could act as cold spots and lead to enhanced WCR and TLC rates on the internal wall of the flowlines.  

In order to assess the severity of the damages, thermal Finite Element Analyses of the temperatures were undertaken to determine the condensation rates on the inside of the lines. The corresponding TLC rates were then calculated using mechanistic corrosion prediction software considering multiple production conditions. The corrosion assessment helped identify which coating damages were the most severe and enabled the selection of appropriate remedial actions.

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