Protective Coatings: From Surface Prep to Augmented Reality

The annual Protective Coatings Workshop offered 10 presentations from Tuesday, April 27 through Thursday, April 29.

Joe Walker of Elcometer and Johnny Eliasson of Chevron Shipping began by covering various prep and profile measurements and methods, environmental impacts, and inspection impacts of International Maritime Organization (IMO) Performance Standards for Protective Coatings (PSPC).  

Next, DeFelsko Corporation’s Michael Beamish presented “Using Dry Film Thickness Measurement Equipment Effectively.” According to him, taking accurate and meaningful measurements is “arguably the single most important measurement made during application and inspection of protective coatings.” Beamish covered the principles of operation and four steps of the measurement process (i.e., calibrate, verify, adjust, and measure).

A presentation on “Future of Robots in Confined Spaces” by Norman Spence of Spence Consulting covered where robots are used in the corrosion industry today, including scanning, blasting, coating, and inspecting; how robots help in confined spaces; and challenges of and potential opportunities for this technology.

The final session on day one was Lake Barrett of KTA-Tator’s “Augmented Reality in Coatings Inspection.” Barrett described augmented reality, gave current and future equipment options, and explained how this technology may be used with coating inspection and construction.  

The second day started with Vijay Datta and Mike O’Donoghue of International Paint’s “From the Sublime to the Ridiculous: Life in the Fast Coatings Lane.” They offered a friendly dual between fast-curing solvented and solvent-free epoxy coatings for tank linings.

“The Misconceptions of Chemically Grouping Coatings” by Paul Vinik of Greenman-Pederson discussed if all urethanes, epoxies, etc. are all equal. He covered the A-B-Cs of the reactions as well as how to know what is required with a specification.

International Zinc Association’s Bernardo Duran presented “Shop and Field Applications for Metallic Zinc Coatings,” sharing characteristics; common application, inspection, and specification methods; and project examples of metallic zinc coatings.  

On the third day, presentations included “Passive Fire Protection” by Sherwin-Williams' Russell Norris, “Architectural and Industrial Maintenance VOC Regulations and PCBTF (Oxsol 100) VOC Exemption Update” by American Coatings Association’s David Darling, and “Protective Coatings in Infrastructure: Attributes, Structure Requirements, and Case Studies” by Covestro’s Steven Reinstadtler.

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