Thermal and Cold Spray Coatings for Corrosion Mitigation

The essence of cold spray entails powder particles (typically 10 to 50 µm) being acerated to very high velocities (200 to 1,000 m/s) by a supersonic compressed gas jet at temperatures well below their melting point.

Upon impact with the substrate, the particles experiences extreme and rapid plastic deformation that disrupts the thin surface oxide films present on all metals and alloys.

This process allows “intimate conformal contact” between the exposed metal surfaces under high local pressure, permitting bonding to occur and thick layers of deposited material to build up rapidly. The deposition efficiency is very high, about 90% in some cases.

A session occurring tomorrow, April 22, from 11:30 am- 2:30 pm EST on “Thermal and Cold Spray Coating – Processes, Applications, and Challenges,” will be presented by Shiladitya Paul and Dave Harvey of TWI; James Weber, James K. Weber Consulting LLC; and Frank Prenger, Grillo-Werke  

The session will cover discussions on thermal and cold spray coatings for mitigation of corrosion and wear with a specific focus on (but not limited to) surface preparation, coating consumable selection, spray method selection, spray parameter development, in-line quality and inspection, testing and qualification, operational experience, cost reduction, maintenance, and repair.  

The subjects to be covered include the latest research and field experience on thermal spray coatings, materials, processes, and strategies for corrosion control, etc. The group will also discuss conventional and novel thermal and cold spray coating systems used to prevent corrosion and wear in offshore, onshore, oil and gas, subsea, marine, construction, chemical industry, refinery, construction, automotive, power, aerospace, etc.

Cold spray image courtesy of TWI Ltd.

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