Water and Wastewater Challenges and Solutions from Industry Experts

The Water and Wastewater Forum is an event for corrosion professionals in the water and wastewater industries. Moderated by Jessica Torrey of the Bureau of Reclamation, this year’s water forum, “Sharing Owner/Operations Best Practices and Contrasting New and Old Technologies,” offered attendees separate presentations and finished with a group panel.

To start, Jeffry Giddings, HDR Engineering, discussed different methods of corrosion control, such as coatings and cathodic protection, on welded steel and pressure prestressed concrete pressure (PCCP) pipes, taking design and cost into consideration.

Then, Murray Heywood, Sherwin-Williams, presented lining systems for harsh environments on concrete substrates. Heywood discussed the impact of the specification, surface prep, application, and quality inspection in the lining system of wastewater environments. He emphasized the need to design new infrastructure for its specific purpose and to think about future maintenance logistics during the design process.

Finally, Stephanie Prochaska, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and Jim Geisbush, Central Arizona Project, presented the findings of a collaborative case study of 205 steel water pipe segments in the Central Arizona Project aqueduct system. They discussed the assessment, results, and maintenance decisions and execution that resulted from the assessment, utilizing visual inspection and supporting quantitative data. The solution included the use of hand-sprayed and robotic-applied coatings.

To finish the session, Torrey asked the panel a variety of questions, including tips for asset owners considering corrosion protection on new or existing projects and the implications of the cost of corrosion on water and wastewater infrastructure life cycle planning.

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