Winners Announced for 2021 MP Corrosion Innovation Awards

Materials Performance (MP) magazine honored the new class of winners for the 2021 MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards program in a special ceremony on Monday, April 19, at the CORROSION 2021 Virtual Conference & Expo.

The complete list of finalists is available at the event web site, along with full descriptions of each innovation. The 10 winners were first announced publicly by Tim Bieri (Chair, AMPP Board of Directors) and Joyce Wright (Chair, AMPP Global Center Board of Directors) at Monday’s ceremony. Each winning group is also receiving a trophy to commemorate their success.

“The winners of our 2021 MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards represent some of the most promising technologies in the industry today,” says Gretchen Jacobson, MP’s Managing Editor-in-Chief. “We congratulate all of our recipients for their achievement.”

Since 2014, the MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards program has provided a forum for NACE International members and customers to showcase their corrosion mitigation technologies and receive recognition for their innovative solutions. Winners are selected by a panel of corrosion-control experts spanning a diverse range of subject matter expertise from across the industry.

In all, the global corrosion control community submitted more than 40 nominations for the 2021 awards, representing the second-most submissions in program history. To be considered an innovation, nominated projects are required show the potential for a significant positive impact in corrosion control. Innovations can be related to coatings and linings, materials, design, equipment, testing, monitoring, integrity assessment, cathodic protection, chemical treatment, or anything else directly related to corrosion prevention and mitigation.

Anyone worldwide involved with corrosion control, including individuals, companies, organizations, and governments, can submit a nomination. There is no fee to enter the program.  

Winners announced at the ceremony were:

  • “Belenus Condition Monitoring Sensor” — Dave Hughes; Novosound
  • “CorTalk RMU1 + INT1 Interruption Peripheral” — Tony da Costa, Phil Daum, Lucas Holzen, Will Maize; Mobiltex Data Ltd.
  • “Differential Reflectometry Mapping” — Tristan de Servins, Solveig Parent, Homero Castaneda; HEURISTECH, Texas A&M University
  • “Electro-Magnetic Guided Radar (EMGR) for Predictive CUI Monitoring” — Prafull Sharma, Hoi Yeung, Mehrdad Silatani, Chiraz Ennaceur; CorrosionRADAR Ltd.
  • “Genetic Biomarker Predicting Microbial Corrosion” — Sven Lahme, Jaspreet Mand, Dennis Enning; ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
  • “High-Strength Austenite for Additive Manufacturing” — Andreas Mohr, Horst Hill, Janosch Conrads, Karlheinz Hoeren; DEW Specialty Steel GmbH & Co.KG
  • “NiobiCon Underwater Electrical Connector” — Harvey Hack, Jim Windgassen, Megan Owens, Keith Johanns; Northrop Grumman Undersea Systems
  • “Sanicro 35 Bridges Gaps” — Ulf Kivisäkk, Robert Mattsson Öhnfeldt, Martin Holmquist; Sandvik Materials Technology
  • “Smart, Sustainable Corrosion Inhibitors” — Patrick Dodds; Hexigone Inhibitors Ltd.
  • “Tethered Aerial Robotic Drone” — Jeff McCutcheon, Jeremy Countryman, Robert Dahlstrom; Apellix

For the first time, two “honorable mention” certificates were presented, as well. The recipients are:

  • “ISOFLEX—Best of Sealing & Isolation” — Stephen Bond, Yi Li, Ketsy Resendez; The Flexitallic Group
  • “EVOLUTION Isolation Gasket” — Tim Hurley, Nick Bander, Aaron Alfano, Ian Kinnear, Gabe Gonzales, Wade Troutman, Brendan Moran, Sydney Yousse; GPT Industries

In addition to trophies, winners will be featured editorially in 2021 via both the print and digital platforms of MP. They will also be given opportunities to speak about their winning innovation at CORROSION 2022 in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

The next edition of the MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards program will be held at CORROSION 2023 in Denver, Colorado, USA, with the nominating period beginning the prior year in 2022. For more information, visit The 2021 ceremony can be viewed in its entirety through the CORROSION 2021 virtual platform.

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