Protective Coatings Workshop

Want to stay current on the latest coatings developments and technologies available?

CORROSION is excited to announce the return of the Protective Coatings Workshop.

This workshop, designed for coatings applicators, inspectors, and contractors of all experience levels, will feature engaging discussion and presentations from coatings industry leaders, an introduction to new emerging technologies and techniques, and highlight best practices from experts. In addition, you will get the opportunity to network with fellow contractors, inspectors, and suppliers.

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Presentations this year include:

Surface Preparation
Presented by Joe Walker, Elcometer, and Johnny Eliasson, Chevron Shipping

Using Dry Film Thickness Measurement Equipment Effectively
Presented by Mike Beamish, Defelsko

Robotics in Coatings Inspection
Presented by Norman Spence, Spence Consulting

Passive Fire Protection
Presented by Russel Norris, Sherwin Williams

Shop and Field Applications for Metallic Zinc Coatings
Presented by Bernardo Duran, International Zinc Association

The Misconceptions of Chemically Grouping Coatings
Presented by Paul Vinik, Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.

Architectural and Industrial Maintenance (AIM) VOC Regulations and PCBTF (Oxsol 100) VOC Exemption Update

Exemption Update
Presented by David Darling, American Coating Association

Augmented Reality in Coatings Inspection
Presented by Lake Barrett,, KTA

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous: Life in the Fast Coatings Lane
Presented by Vijay Datta and Mike O’Donoghue, International Paint

Protective Coatings in Infrastructure: Attributes, Structure Requirements and Case Studies
Presented by Steven Reinstadler, Covestro LLC

The Protective Coatings Workshop is supported by: